Hunt County Solar Farm

Solar3K's sister company, Yellow Star Power Ltd Co. is developing the first solar farm in Hunt County, Texas. We managed the entire project: Arranging financing, providing tax equity, design, engineering, installation and currently its operation.  More...

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Thureen Khan
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 Simple Process

Reaching for Sustainability



Detailed Process

Our goal is to provide turnkey solutions to evaluate the potential of an organization’s cost savings using solar energy.

Determining whether and how to acquire solar power system for cost saving can be very complex task. We have a vast experience in the across the entire spectrum of solar power system. Which includes initial evaluation, solar system engineering, to detailed feasibility studies, managing bids contractor, pricing selection, and final outcome analysis. Therefore, we provide consulting on how organizations should proceed.

Most non-profit and governmental (including school) benefits the most from a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The PPA allows an third-party company to build and own the solar power system. They take the benefit from the 30% Federal Tax Credit and about another 30% saving from system depreciation expense. The third-party company provides a fixed term contract for electricity for 20 to 30 year terms.


Feasiblity Study