Hunt County Solar Farm

Solar3K's sister company, Yellow Star Power Ltd Co. is developing the first solar farm in Hunt County, Texas. We managed the entire project: Arranging financing, providing tax equity, design, engineering, installation and currently its operation.  More...

Contact Information:

Thureen Khan
[email protected]


Non-Profit / School / Government Focus

Reaching for Sustainability One our organizations main focus is to provide consulting services in order to educate Non-Profit and Goverment institutions on how they can utilize Renewable Solar Energy. Even though there is much interest from people in this sector, the development of solar energy system for them is not as large as it could be. Often Solar Installers focus on marketing to commercial companies because of the write of they can obtain through Tax Credits and Depreciation, which reduces thier cost of acquriing such systems.

However, there many oppurtunies out there that can help Non-Profits, Schools, and other Government institutions in obtaining renewable energy systems without paying 100% of the cost out of thier budget. Usually acquiring renewable energy system for distributed generation on site will save money in the long run. What limit many organizations from installing them is usually the capital required.

Our goal is to partner with such oranizations explore different financing options such a Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Solar Lease, PACE financing and other innovate solutions.