Hunt County Solar Farm

Solar3K's sister company, Yellow Star Power Ltd Co. is developing the first solar farm in Hunt County, Texas. We managed the entire project: Arranging financing, providing tax equity, design, engineering, installation and currently its operation.  More...

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Thureen Khan
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Our company was founded on providing cost effective renewable solar power. From personal experience the founders have seen using competitors cost of solar power was too high and break even was too long. Thus, this company was formed to provide more lower cost solar power. Our system are designed to make economic sense to build.


Thureen KhanThureen Khan

Thureen Khan is the CEO, president and co-founder at Solar3K. He is an expert in solar system engineering and management. He is dedicated to finding cost effective solutions for the community in order to directly benefit from solar energy systems. He has played a leading role in researching and pursuing new technology in multiple fields.

His most recent endeavor was the completion of a 60kw solar project in Hunt County, Texas. He has handled all aspects of the project himself, including requirement engineering, design, proposal and bid process, managing contractors, electrical grid interconnection, and even installing the solar panels himself. This project was completely self-financed. He believes in taking on a hand-on approach in the solar project in order to fully understand the processes of engineering, management, and the cost structure associated with solar energy systems.

He has also been quick to develop energy storage solutions including a low cost off grid system with a 10kw capacity.
 Furthermore, he is one of few to research the feasibly of using stored battery DC energy directly instead of losing up 15% of the energy in DC to AC conversion.

Thureen Khan has led the development of custom solar energy software algorithms. These include developing in-house software to determine the solar energy resource on rooftops. Other current software projects include cost saving analysis and creating an unified streamlined solar bid comparison software. He has been a full time software engineer for 12 years in multiple companies such as Dell, Raytheon, and Boeing.

Thureen Khan has a Masters in System Engineer and Management, University of Texas at Dallas. He has B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia College, Missouri where he graduated at top of his class.