Hunt County Solar Farm

Solar3K's sister company, Yellow Star Power Ltd Co. is developing the first solar farm in Hunt County, Texas. We managed the entire project: Arranging financing, providing tax equity, design, engineering, installation and currently its operation.  More...

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Thureen Khan
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Consulting Services

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Solar3K is sustainable energy consulting and development company located in the Dallas, TX region. Our company was created to provide Cost Effective Solar Power options to our customers. Which will allow them to save on electricity costs.

We are Solar System Engineering and Management consulting firm and interested to collaborate with your organization in order to investigate how much cost saving will be achieved with on-site solar system. Our company’s goal is provide a turnkey solution so that your organization can focus on your day operation and let us deal with the complex engineering and management of acquiring solar power systems.

Most Non-Profit or government organization acquire solar systems without upfront capital cost by letting a third-party finance, build, and own the solar system. Then that organization signs a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with third-party owner with a pre-set for up to 30 years. Depending on your organization size, your organization could easily save millions of dollars over the lifetime of solar power system. This saving could be used provide additional funding to your organization’s main purpose instead of spending it on electricity!

Talk to us and let us provide you hard proof with a study for your organization!